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Activities & Technologies


With a strong know-how and very experienced technical and production teams, Manoir has the capability not only to forge a wide range of raw material, ranging from carbon steel and stainless steel all the way to duplex / superduplex and nickel alloys but also to analyze customer requirements and specifications and provide recommendations.

Recent investments in leading edge machining and gear cutting equipment as well as partnerships with a network of subcontractors provide Manoir with the capability to supply additional machining and gear cutting to most of the forgings produced within the division facilities.

Innovative solutions can be developed, together with customers from design stage for a wide range of equipment such as drive and suspension systems, excavators, loaders, dumpers.

Core capabilities
Closed-die forging up to 1,000kg / 2,200 lbs
Hot extrusion up to 1,700 mm length and 500 mm OD / 66 inches length and 20 inches OD
Analytical IT tools for studies on deformation rations, grain flow, grain sizes and shape optimization
In-house heat treatment
Machining services
In-house die machining
In-house laboratory controls