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Activities & Technologies

Global Nuclear Solutions

Casting and Forging

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Manoir Industries is an international Nuclear Supplier of Cast and Forged Components and has delivered nuclear classified parts to all French and over 60 international nuclear facilities. We deliver the primaryy and secondary circuits in a large range of cast and forged components, welded, fully machined, asssembled, ready-to-be-used. We produce valve and pump bodies, and various nuclear components according to the manufacturing codes such as RCCM and ASME III.

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Components and Systems

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Our main activities

  • Studies, calculation & design-manufacture of articles
  • on-site installation
  • technical documentation
  • maintenance

Design, manufacture & installation of boilermaking equipment & piping

Our goal:
to provide a comprehensive solution as a lead contractor from the study of your project up to the installation on site & maintenance

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Manoir UK has extensive experience in the fabrication and welding of heat resistant and corrosion resistant steel and alloy components. Hi-Tech Fabrication personnel have for many years been involved in the supply of products to major clients where strict adherence to quality manufacture and specifications are paramount. Hi-Tech Fabrication is ISO 9001:2000 approved and routinely applies the full parameters of established quality control procedures and specifications such as F4N, ASME VIII, ASME IX, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3.

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Bernard Hunez
Sales Manager Nuclear & Conventional Castings
Manoir Pitres
12 Rue des Ardennes BP8401 - Pitres 27108 VAL DE REUIL Cedex, France
Tel : +33 2 32 48 72 97 - Mob: +33 6 70 21 86 10

Eric Lemoine
Directeur Adjoint
ZI Digulleville BP 233

50442 BEAUMONT HAGUE, France
Standard ACPP :
Portable : 06 40 68 45 00

Neil Waters
Sales Manager
MANOIR UK – Hi-Tech Fabrication Ltd
Bretby Business Park
Ashby Road, Burton-on-Trent
Staffordshire, DE15 OYZ, UK
Switchboard tel. +44 (0) 1283 817900


Our Locations

Global Map of our sites for the nuclear markets

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Manoir UK
Bretby Business Park - Ashby Road
Burton-on-Trent - Staffordshire DE15 0YZ
Tel.+44 1283 817900
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N°6 Hengyuan Road – Laishan Economic – Development Zone,
YANTAI Shandong, China
Tel.+86 535 3725666/3725668
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Manoir Pitres
12 Rue des Ardennes - BP 8401 - Pitres
Tel.+33 2 32 48 7200
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Zone Industrielle Digulleville
BP 233 | 50442 BEAUMONT-HAGUE Cedex, France
Tel.+33 2 33 01 6080
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Our Customer References

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