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Our Human Resources policy

Human resources are the heart of our group, every product that comes out of our factories is the result of the talent and the involvement of many women and men, from various departments working closely together.

The group’s human resources departments provide our teams with all the necessary means to achieve their goals and obtain the best results. The Human resources' objective : the right person at the right place at the right time. Because your adventure with us begins the day of your hiring, they will always be there to support you.

Open up to various horizons

MANOIR INDUSTRIES: over 150 different jobs.

Many professions are directly linked to our industrial activity : blacksmiths, foundery workers, milling machine operators, etc… But even though you may not think about it, we also have job offers in the human resources, the accounting, computing, R&D, departments, etc. .

Our ambition is to encourage diversity within our company:

  • embrace other cultures
  • increase the number of women in our units

Diversity is a strong expectation on our employees’ part and a major stake as a performance control lever.

Thrive though constant contact with young people

We welcome students and young graduates. Thanks to the professional experience they acquire with our company, students are better prepared for their diplomas.

Young people have a lot to offer : a new vision, new knowledge, etc
Our seasoned employees need to share their rare and precious skills.

We see trainings and apprenticeship as the best means of integration. Indeed they give our teams the opportunity to test future employees in real-life situations. By getting acquainted with our structure, our activities and our culture, students can find out if they match their expectations.

Do not hesitate to look for a job offer corresponding to your profile or to send us an application.

Develop competencies and performance

Our a wage policy that takes into account individual performance as well as collective performance. We want it to reflect the development of our employees skills and competencies.

Facilitate our employees personal development

Because collective success depends on individual achievement, we are deeply concerned about our employees personal development and well-being. That is why we take into account not only the needs of our company but also the wishes of our employees.

To stimulate the development of our employees, we continuously :

  • help our employees to reach their potential
  • give them the opportunity to express their talents

We believe in co-commitment in terms of self-development:

Our employees are the actors of their success

We encourage them to:

  • develop their network
  • keep up to date on the possibilities of development within the group
  • share their professional projects

We give them the tools to reach their potential

We prepare them to environmental changes and we give them the means to reach their potential by:

  • offering a large range of trainings so they can evolve with their function and validate their experience with a professional degree
  • following their career through regular interviews
  • offering them international opportunities

We hope that these few lines will have convinced you that MANOIR INDUSTRIES is a great place to work for.