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Our functions

Purchases & Supplies

In order to ensure the company a maximum of profitability, our purchasing and supply departments make sure that they obtain the best raw material at the right prices at the right time

Marketing, Sales

Our marketing and sales departments support and contribute to the success and development of our organisation

Management, Finance,Gestion, Administration

Financial and legal implementation of our projects, analysis, control, those missions require rigour as well as imagination

Information Systems

They are everywhere but you don’t see them much, though they improve our everyday work


To optimize our productivity, our maintenance people deal with daily and preventive monitoring, as well as with emergencies and the new production tools


Forklift truck operator, caster, foundry worker, blacksmith, unit manager, … those are some of the many functions that are the heart of our business

Quality, Security, Environment

Our teams are constantly improving the quality of our products in order to optimize our processes, while ensuring the health and security of our employees and the long term development of our company


They forecast the products or the technologies of tomorrow. Our future depends on our R&D experts.


Staying a top-class organisation, attract, recruit, encourage loyalty and help the employees reach their potential, those are the challenges facing the human resources teams

Technical support

From calculating the cost of orders to dispatching the finished products, the technical support teams secure the production process