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The Manoir Industries RSS Flows

What is a RSS flow?

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) flow, or RSS link, is used for issuing any new information associated with a website in real time. Once you have subscribed to our RSS flows (free registration), you will be able to access all the latest news concerning Manoir Industries, with just one click. A direct link is always provided, for you to access the whole of the desired content, for consultation.
The presence of RSS flows is identified by this clickable icon: 

How to use a RSS flow?

To read a RSS flow, you first need to have a flow reader. Just download and install a specific software program called "RSS Reader" or "Aggregator", on your computer (free of charge). There are two different types of reader: readers to be installed on your PC, and on-line content management tools or "weblog", which can be used to display the results of a flow on a web page.

You can also display the flow by copying the link in the address bar of your browser


Display the flow

Copy and paste the following links on your page or "RSS Reader":

For English Press releases:


For French Press releases:


For Chinese Press releases: