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Activities & Technologies

Closed-die forgings

Manoir Industries develops innovative metal processing solutions for large size closed-die forgings, from design to delivery, rough forged to machined ready-to-be-assembled components.

Its value-engineering team assists customers with shape and profile optimization for cost saving proposition. Assisted by forging and heat treatment simulation tools, Manoir Industries has the capability to follow the most stringent and demanding specifications.

With a comprehensive expertise in forging, metallurgy and steel processing, from engineering office to the shop floor, Manoir Industries provides complex components up to 1,000kg / 2,200lbs closed-die forged, with a wide range of raw material: carbon and alloy steel, duplex and superduplex, nickel alloys.

With fully in-house heat treatment, test lab and die manufacturing, Manoir Industries has a complete control over its production process, both from a technical and delivery perspective.