Manoir Industries and Yantai Taihai

Leading international industrial organizations, Manoir Industries, France (‘’Manoir’’) and Yantai Taihai, China (‘’Taihai’’), today announced signing an agreement to form a new strategic partnership comprising Manoir’s ‘’Petrochem & Nuclear’’ and ‘’Specialties’’ business units, with the Taihai French subsidiary. This new agreement will come into fruition, subject to approvals from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Manoir’s two business units have 1.700 employees and operate eight industrial plants five of which are located in France with a turnover of €220m this year.
As an organization, Manoir is delighted with the new strategic alignment, together with the Manoir social committees who expressed a positive opinion, which it views as a long-term opportunity to streamline, optimize and develop the business.

Taihai intends to significantly invest in each of the individual French production plants, with a total of €60m investment program from 2013 to 2016. This will double the organization’s R&D strength and create between 30 to 40 new jobs in the French market.

Manoir Industries metal processing international group, has been developing and manufacturing highly specialist engineering components and processes for both casting and forging for over 30 years, within the aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear, railways, oil & gas, civil engineering and the wind power markets.
The organization has a growing reputation for technical excellence, and is industry renowned for the reliability, first class technical expertise and customer service second to none.

Yantai Taihai Group is a private industrial company focused on metal processing, the group is a leader in the civil nuclear Chinese market, and has been a partner of Manoir Industries for over 15 years.

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