Focus on safety at Bouzonville plant

A new safety day was organized at Manoir Bouzonville, a high tech forging plant dedicated to closed-die forging, extrusion and machining of complex metallurgy for markets such as oil&gas, civil engineering, mining, and energy.

Safety is the n°1 priority for all Manoir Industries plants. A prevention policy is deployed at every site with a key player dedicated to applying best practices in the prevention of industrial risks and the implementation of safety enhancements.

At Bouzonville, the safety record is 383 days without accidents with leave. This result is a major step towards the zero-accident target. The management and its committed team were mobilized for this successful safety day. The regional politicians were invited to make them aware of industrial environment risks. Firemen and suppliers focused on identifying and explaining the measures to take for good safety habits.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil extraction, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. The solid expertise reputation has driven sustainable position through the worldwide industry and its customers.

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