Manoir Industries increases Manaurite® High Alloy Capacity in Yantai, China

The Petrochem & Nuclear business unit of Manoir Industries announces a 50% increase in its production capacity of Manaurite® High Alloy Petrochemical Tubes & Equipments at its Yantai,
China facility.

This higher capacity is made possible by a 7000 sqm additional surface which allows Manoir to enlarge its Yantai static production line as well as its assembling line and welding shopfloor. This ramp-up will be gradually effective first semester 2015.

Manoir Yantai is the only High Alloy manufacturing plant in China with international production
standards for tubes, collectors and ancillary equipment for hydrogen and ethylene furnaces.

Manoir Industries Petrochem & Nuclear has been producing its Manaurite® High Alloys in Yantai
for more than 15 years and today more than 90% of the production in Yantai is exported to worldwide major petrochemical end users and engineering companies.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil&gas, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. Manoir’s solid technical expertise continues to drive its sustainable leading position offering innovative services to its customers worldwide.

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