Manoir Industries invests in an orbital welding unit

As part of the EDF project “Grand Carénage,” Manoir Pitres provides the hydraulic tested primary circuit components for nuclear power plants.
For the temporary welding of the caps on the produced components, the operation is executed by orbital welding, with a TIG “narrow gap” process.

This technology ensures:
– a time saved compared to a conventional manual welding operation
– a decrease in welding materials due to the very narrow form of the chamfer
– the reduction in handling which would have otherwise necessitated the use of oversized cranes
– the hydraulic test execution in the same location as the welding of the plugs through mobility of equipment.

This technology used for the primary circuit assembly (permanent weld of tubes and elbows) is integrated into the plant by Areva NP.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil&gas, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. Manoir’s solid technical expertise continues to drive its sustainable leading position offering innovative services to its customers worldwide.

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