Manoir Pîtres provides customized welding training – September 2015

Manoir Pîtres provides customised welding training – September 2015

Manoir Pîtres, specialising in metal processing, is a key petrochemical player in manufacturing cast tubes to equip cracking and reformer furnaces located worldwide. An active R&D centre enables Manoir Pîtres to develop new high temperature Manaurite® alloys.

Are you interested in industrial welding? Manoir Pîtres is committed to training you with the support of the ‘Pôle Emploi’, the Gonfreville Welding Institute (IS), and the Association for Developing Training for Metal Processing Activity (ADEFIM).

Why such training? The welding of steel castings, including refractory steels, developed by Manoir Pîtres, is not widespread in France or is non-existent. This knowledge can only be conveyed by welders. Given the difficulties with recruitment in this profession, Manoir Pîtres wishes to ensure its sustainability. Moreover, to cope with the strong sales growth being experienced in Pîtres, the need for skilled welders is increasing.

How do you apply for this training? Manoir Pîtres organizes presentation sessions on being a welder at Manoir Pîtres for candidates who have graduated or are unemployed. For those people who are interested, both men and women, tests are set up by the IS, followed by a motivational interview and a welding department visit with human resources and the managers in charge of welders.

The training consists of 400 hours provided by the IS, and is funded by the ‘Pôle Emploi’ and the ADEFIM. The IS introduces candidates to welding materials, the preparation of parts before welding, the reading of drawings, and so on, so that they may acquire the necessary rigor required by this job. Certifications are then obtained throughout the apprenticeship, appropriate to the materials used by Manoir Pîtres, to validate their knowledge. It still needs several years to become a skilled welder.

A successful third training session has underlined the benefits of this customized welding training. The first one started in December 2014, and allowed three candidates to join the IS, followed by their receiving a one-year professional contract with Manoir Pîtres in March 2015. Due to the committed tutors trained by Manoir Pîtres, these three young people are being supervised in order for them to acquire the precision and dexterity of a good welder.

New sessions began in March and June 2015 at the Welding Institute. These people have joined Manoir Pîtres after 400 hours of training on a fixed-term contract or one-year professional contract.
The participation of the Manoir Pîtres suppliers in this training through the donation of equipment also contributes to this success. Their support is necessary so that the young apprentice welders can gain their skills before gradually being enrolled in production.

This strong commitment by Manoir Pîtres aims to ensure that the customized welding training is adapted to its petrochemical and nuclear activities, and to meeting the stringent specifications of its international customers.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil & gas, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. Manoir’s solid technical expertise continues to drive its sustainable leading position offering innovative services to its customers worldwide.

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