Delivery of a Manoir Industries’Francis Turbine Water Wheel For The Dam Of La Bourne

Manoir Industries is proud to deliver this new Francis turbine water wheel to be used in the la Bourne hydroelectric station operated by EDF.

Adjoining to the dam, the La Bourne hydropower plant has 2 turbines of 6MW, the 255m water head allows the rotation of the Francis wheel at a speed of up 1000 rounds per minute, and a water flow of 2,61m3/second.

The Francis turbine water wheel – molded martensitic stainless steel – is manufactured in the Manoir Industries’foundry in Pîtres, located in Normandy. This stainless steel has a very good corrosion resistance combined with high mechanical strength, toughness and resistance to fatigue. This 650kg wheel with a 980mm nominal diameter has 13 blades. The mold assembling is complex to match the wheel hydraulic profile to strictly ensure the high performance of the hydroelectric plant.

Thanks to its cast expertise, one hundred of Francis wheel have already been realized for many international hydraulic plants. Manoir Industries provides with a complete service by delivering a ready-to-use product including machining, surface profiling requiring a very specific grinding skill. With this technical know-how, Manoir Industries masters wheels for other markets, such as oil, nuclear, and general industry.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil extraction, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. The solid expertise reputation has driven sustainable position through the worldwide industry and its customers.

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