Manoir Industries: 100 years of innovation & passion for industrial excellence – February 2017

In 2017, Manoir Industries will celebrate the centenary of its Pîtres plant, the historic flagship of the Manoir Group. It gives opportunities throughout the year to recount the various major events of yesterday and today, which have marked the history of this site located near the small town called Manoir-sur-Seine, from which it derives its name.

The genesis of this adventure began in 1850 in Ars-sur-Moselle and then in Pompey, near Nancy: the birthplace of the steel industry. It was in both these two towns that the Aciéries de Pompey implemented their plants, existing on the exploitation and processing of the Lorraine iron ore. In 1887, the tender to produce the steel beams for the Eiffel Tower was awarded to the Pompey plant, which is still a major highlight. A plate indicates the location of the production of these beams on one of pillars of the globally famous ‘iron lady’.

In 1914, when one of the Pompey factories was destroyed at the beginning of the First World War, the management decided to create a new factory in a less vulnerable area: Normandy. In the fifties, Pîtres became Aciéries du Manoir Pompey, and was already equipped with modern control equipment for high-technology products operating under severe conditions (high temperatures and pressures). The investment in state-of-the-art equipment, the new grade development and the publications by the metallurgical engineers made it a world-class plant in the petrochemical industry. From the early sixties onwards, the plant commenced a major turn towards high-alloy special steels.

This ability to innovate, and the men’s and women’s commitment are, even today, the key factors in the execution of Manoir Industries’ story, which is a real source of pride and increased confidence for its customers.

In the years following 1976, the nuclear sector has become a relevant market for Pîtres, which delivered the first tubes for the nuclear power plants in Belgium, and subsequently cast components for all of the French nuclear plants. Manoir Pîtres has more than 60 references in many nuclear sites around the world through its partners.
Manoir Industries has come a long way, from generation to generation, and, thanks to its commitment and metallurgical expertise, Manoir Pîtres’ name is still well-known in Normandy and abroad.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil&gas, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. Manoir’s solid technical expertise continues to drive its sustainable leading position offering innovative services to its customers worldwide.

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