Innovation and performance of Refractory Steels PERS) celebrate one year – March 2017

It is approximately one year since the R&D partnership between Manoir Industries and the Groupe de Physique des Matériaux (GPM) of Rouen University, in Normandy, started its activity. We are proud of both its excellent performance and its first results.

The R&D partnership project between the two organisations, called the Innovation and Performance of Refractory Steels (IPERS), was selected by the Agency at the end of 2015 to receive a €300,000 allocation of funding, which is dedicated to GPM and managed by Rouen University for three years. The research focuses on three key areas:

● tubes’ creep resistance, which is research on the mechanical properties of steel tubes under stress at very high temperature;

● coking resistance, which is to limit the fouling caused by carbon deposits; and

● non-destructive testing, which is to estimate the lifetime of the products and better anticipate future needs.

One of the two partners is Manoir Industries, market leader in the petrochemical sector, which has been developing its knowledge of static foundries and centrifugation for a century. On the other side of the partnership is the research laboratory of GPM, which has expertise in material science and metallurgical physics that has been recognised worldwide. In addition, Rouen University, Normandy, has an extensive range of instruments, including electronic microscopes and atomic probes that are of the latest generation available in France.

IPERS employs approximately 15 collaborators, and the two teams are in permanent contact.

This collaboration creates a link between the academic and industrial worlds, which will enhance the fundamental research through patents and develop new competitive products for the market. We hope there will be as much success in the coming years as there has been in the first.

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