Electron beam welding: speed, reliability and cost efficiency in a fully homogeneous welding technology

In 2016 Manoir Pitres has completely retrofitted the electron beam welding machine which was installed originally in 1992.

This technology developed by Manoir R&D allows automatic tube to tube welding without filler material. Aside from the welding speed, the electron beam welding process allows the welding under very high voltage and low intensity, resulting in a very narrow heat affected zone and mechanical properties of the weld joints very close to base metal. This aspect is of prime importance with proprietary alloys for which parent welding consumable is hard to find.

Nowadays Manoir is still the unique foundry to use this welding process in petrochemical applications. Electron beam welding represents 80% of the tube to tube welds made for reformer tubes in the Pitres plant.

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