Innovation for the ethylene production industry: reduce coke formation and enhance furnace reliability

One of the markets where the need and the possibilities for innovation is the largest is the steam cracking/ethylene industry. The furnace coils, at the heart of the radiant section of the furnace, encounter coking issues – carbon deposition on the coil surface – that dramatically draw back the yields. Better answers to this phenomenon could lead to improved production and/or lower environmental impact. Manoirs’ R&D team is focused on the development of these innovated solutions. [click here for more information]

The main historical approach has been to study and propose new materials for the coil parts. It is worth mentioning here the development of 35/45 material and first aluminum added materials back to 1978 (Patent US 4.248.629). Manoir still works in that metallurgical direction, with great efforts to go deeper into the science and mechanisms comprehension. The numerous academic partnerships, including the well-functioning common laboratory with Rouen University, enable to access this necessary deeper insight.

However, metallurgy is not the only approach. Two other approaches, also addressed within Manoir R&D department, are: one to apply a coating which will play a barrier or an active role against coking, the other is to modify the flow in the coils by changing some of the parts geometry. In these two directions, again, Manoir intensely works with collaborations. Industrials bringing new concepts like Technip, GE or Air Liquide, and universities, to understand and take control of the physics behind.

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