Linear accelerator, the quickest way to ensure 100% structure integrity

Since the seventies, and driven by a large French nuclear power stations program, Manoir Pitres has invested in linear accelerator equipment. This non-destructive technology permits to generate X rays without using a radioactive source. Through radiography, the integrity of a piece is checked in its entire thickness in a record time. Exposure time is around 130 times lower than iridium sources.
In 1974, with its Thomson Linear Accelerator 5.5 MeV (Megaelectron Volts) Manoir Pîtres became the first foundry in France to use this technology. Today, with its Varian Bi-Energy equipment (6 MeV / 9 MeV), Manoir Pitres is capable to ensure the complete soundness of its castings over a large range of thickness from 50 mm up to 400 mm. Manoir Pitres is the French private largest radiographic part.

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