The role of our Industrial radiologic technicians is to certify the conformity of our tubes and welds. Here at Manoir we appoint our mostly skilled and experienced people to perform these tests on our tubes. Proceeding with the X-ray exam requires a very specific know-how, therefore our people are trained on a regular basis. Our challenge is to maintain this know-how and pass it over to the next generation to keep on ensuring the best possible quality to our customer.

Frederic, 42 years old, radiologist and new joiner in Manoir Pîtres.

What was the reason of your application at Manoir?
After 15 years in the army I was looking for a job that would require both discipline dedication and team spirit.
This is a serious change in your life, how was the integration process?
I was offered a Training period organized jointly by Manoir and the French welding institute. After passing the exam I was offered a permanent position in the team.

What makes you like this company?
In this kind of business reputation is everything and I am proud to be one among others that promote the knowhow by certifying the qualify and the integrity of the product. It feels like I take part in having the customers trust.

Why do you like this job in particular?
Most of all I like the team spirit and the possibility to learn from other’s experience every day. Being in direct contact with the customer is also really important for us, it makes it real.

What is the best part of the job?
Again, the team spirit but also the possibility to have this global overview of the production process through the different radio control we are doing during the fabrication.

“Radiography is not about finding something wrong, it’s about proving that they are right”

They trust us

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