Titanium at Manoir Industries – June 2017

Titanium at Manoir Bouzonville – June 2017

Manoir Bouzonville, Manoir Industries’ subsidiary, forges a wide range of alloys, from low alloyed steel to super duplex or nickel alloys. Developments in titanium have been recently carried out in Bouzonville to meet new customers’ requirements.

Titanium is considered to be a metal with a high mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance even at low temperatures and good ductility in standard temperature conditions. Its exceptional characteristics explain the interest in such alloys for the aerospace, medical, cryogenics and defense markets.

This development project was set up around three years ago, by Manoir Bouzonville’s Research & Development team in partnership with research institutes in Moselle, with the following being completed:
● 2014 – characterization and modelling of titanium stamping,
● 2015 – prototyping and stamping of scale models in the pilot laboratory facilities,
● 2016 – industrialisation of existing tools for stamping and extrusion.

With the completion of this development project, Manoir Bouzonville is capable today of providing to its customers both heavy closed-die forged products with complex geometry up to 500kg, and shaft/tubular forged components up to 500mm in diameter and 1500mm in length in most existing titanium grades (TA6V, Ti60, Ti10.2.3, etc.).

Manoir Industries, an international, metal-processing, casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high-performance metal components that are moulded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil & gas, civil engineering, energy, defence, and construction markets. Manoir’s solid technical expertise continues to drive its sustainable leading position offering innovative services to its customers worldwide. www.manoir.eu.com

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