Producing closer to our customer: Manoir fabrication network – Howell Industries – USA

Manoir Industries and Howell Industries signed their industrial partnership in 2015, to propose local fabrication and assembly for their North American clients. Under this partnership, Howell Industries has been certified according to Manoir quality standards for its assemblies and fabrication of Manaurite® high alloy tubes, fittings and ancillary equipment for ethylene, hydrogen and direct reduction of iron furnaces.

Howell Industries has been established in 1965 and has developed key competencies for the welding of high alloys, in particular for the fabrication of furnace components such as ethylene coils. The facility, with nearly 50 employees and over 50,000 sq.ft under roof of shop space, is located in Sulfur, LA, between Houston and New Orleans.

The Howell / Manoir partnership aims at warrantying Manoir’s best quality standards while reducing overall project costs by shipping, either from Manoir France or Manoir China, loose components in more compact crates. Subsequent fabrication and final testing take place at Howell Industries. An additional benefit for local clients is the possibility to inspect the assemblies at their doorstep rather than traveling to any Manoir facilities for final inspections.

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