Quality & continuous improvement Centricast line

Continuous quality improvement is a management philosophy that organizations use to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and increase internal (meaning, employees) and external (meaning, customer) satisfaction
Christophe, 42 years old, Quality & continuous improvement Centricast line

What was the reason of your application at Manoir?
You know, I have 2 brothers in law currently working at MANOIR.
I decided to volunteer in 1994 when I knew MANOIR foundry was actively looking for people. I knew of this opportunity from my father who started in 1972 as centrifugal foundry manager in the Company.

What about your carrier since you started?I started 1994 as “ spun cast molds cleaner & coater “ and after 1 year on the production line, I had the opportunity to become Team leader. I ensured this role during 11 years, then I moved in same foundry area to a different position in Quality & continuous improvement. Am doing this job since 2006…

What makes you like this Job?My work is not an office work. Actions takes place into the foundry layout/process, with people.
“No routine “! Day by day, there are brand new things to learn and to share. Searching, finding and implementing technical solutions to improve product quality and to lower people efforts is great contribution. I’m really found of this. You practically see benefits and their contribution to sustain Team Spirit!

What do you like this job in particular?Again, Team work! Because Team spirit is fed by People energy.

What is the best part of the job?To summarize, 2 main things are the very best part of my job: Liquid molten metal and the people who are dealing daily with it.

What would you tell to someone who would like to join us?“Join us! Foundry is a fantastic job to live! “

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