Sand laboratory technician

Thierry Bocquet, almost 42 years for Manoir, sand laboratory technician.

Thierry’s career in the company allowed him to build a robust experience in foundry and especially in sand control. His work ensures a daily monitoring of the quality of the sand and the process of molding.
In recent decades, this activity has undergone numerous changes. For instance, the transition from green sand to resin sand revolutionized working methods. This daily job of control allows Manoir to always optimize the foundry process and certify the quality of the mold.

What about your carrier since you started ?I started in 1975 as molder, with some experience I become polyvalent. In 2004, I worked in quality control for centrifugally cast tubes and I also spent some years in the mechanical test laboratory, to control the properties of our production. After that, I came back to my first love, the sand, and I got promoted to handle the responsibility of the sand laboratory.

What makes you like this Job?I like the interaction with the different teams working around the mold. I am always in the field and I can see directly the contribution of my work on the metal quality.

What do you like in this job in particular?My favorite part is the team work. Now I also actively participate in the training of the young foundry students and I really like that.

What are your best memories in this job ?This activity has undergone numerous changes. Indeed, during the 1984 winter, temperatures went below -25 ° C, it became impossible to work because the green sand was frozen… during the 1976 heat wave, the too rapid evaporation of water made it possible to work only a few hours a day.
I always watch the weather channel for this reason!

What are you the most proud of ? My know-how enables me to adapt to new techniques, to optimize the processes while ensuring the quality of the molds. I really like to relay my experience to the youth.

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