Welder for the petrochemical sector

Aïssa, 46 years old, joined Manoir Industries 12 years ago as a welder for the petrochemical sector

Welders transform a set of tubes sections and elbows into a complete furnace coil. They ensure proper positioning and alignment of the parts and proceed with the first control of the coil once fully assembled. They master different welding techniques (GTAW and SMAW) and they must adapt to the complexity of the parts. More complex that it seems, it’s a key milestone in the production process. This is a tough job that requires skills but also dedication and good understanding of the all process.
Aïssa’s interview

What do you like the most in your job?Welder is not an easy job, we learn every day. Working postures are not so ergonomic and we have to adapt ourselves to intricate geometries to be assembled.
Welding is not something that can be improvised. Even with my NVQ diploma and the several trainings I’ve been enrolled to, I’m still facing new challenges in my job.

What do you mean by ‘new challenges’?Well, in the team, we share a lot about our experiences and daily jobs. I may have to weld an assembly that one of my collegue has already done in the past, we are sharing best pratices within the team.
To assemble a complete furnace by welding, you have to know that the preparation phase is huge. Each product is analyzed to wedge the tubes, adjust the references, guarantee a proper alignment and the connection parts like the crossovers, elbows, flanges…To do so, we fabricate very accurate patterns and that is the new challenge i was talking about; as I said, we do this as a team.

If I understand well, your job is a real team job and not an individual one as we can imagine, is that correct?Yes, I am lucky to be in a working sector where the team job is essential. On top of that, we understand each other because we share the same issues but we have to be careful because we are responsible of our own job. It is very important not to fail the welds, the resulting risks are too high if the job is not properly performed.
Together, we share our little «recipes» to guarantee 100% conform welds, that is the way to progress.
When the furnace is completed, it is a satisfaction and we all think about the country where it will be shipped to and installed.

To resume in one sentence, Aïssa, what would you say about your job?Welding is a permanent training, complex but rewarding; We are taking care of the welded assemblies which insure our customers’ satisfaction.

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