AOD controller

Jimmy, 43-year-old, currently AOD controller joined Manoir in 1994

Argon Oxygen Decarburization- AOD converter is one of the most advanced tool to elaborate pure steels. This technology implies a lot of constraints in term of process and control and therefore needs to be handle by highly experienced people.

For two years now Jimmy has been one of those guys. After 20 years of experience as a founder, Jimmy has been appointed AOD operation controller. He is the one making sure that our alloys are in line with the customer’s demand by controlling every ounce of metal that gets in the AOD. This is one of the key milestones of our production process and Jimmy likes to says “everything starts here so it has to be right”.

What can you tell us about your carrier at Manoir?
I first joined in 1994 as a part time and started as a full-time founder in 1997. For two years now I have been in charge of the AOD control.

Have you seen a lot of changes in 20 years?
The job itself hasn’t changed a lot but the technologies and the controls have evolved a lot. Back in the days the furnaces were very different and the control were much more difficult to do.

How would you describe your job?
Accuracy and safety are our two key words. We manipulate and mix liquid metals which are the base raw material for the plant production. It is absolutely essential to operate in good conditions and to be extremely precise to get the exact alloys composition are colleagues are requesting. Everything matters when we operate: time, temperature, composition and control. In this job experience matters.

I realize I have a huge responsibility towards the others and the customer, being at the first step of the process.

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