Azzedine, 23 years within Manoir Industries as a grinder.

Grinding is an essential stage in the manufacturing process of foundry parts. The job of grinder remains a manual and physical work that requires a lot of patience and rigor. Our grinders have experience on all types of geometries and materials. They are responsible for the surface quality of our castings.

How did you integrate Manoir Industries?I joined Manoir in 1994 as a grinder in Interim and after 1 year I have been offered a permanent position, a real chance for me.

What is your job at Manoir Industries?
Once the part is ejected from the mold and the feeder head has been removed, it is important to understand that this part is still needing a real beauty treatment.
Grinding removes all remaining unsightly elements and prepares the part for the subsequent various quality controls. It may also be necessary to obtain the requested quality for a part when superficial defects appeared during the dye penetrant control.

What are the difficulties of your job?We work on parts with various geometries and materials, we must adapt ourselves to each situation. It remains a very physical job. This work requires patience and rigor.

What do you like most about your job?I like the teamwork. It is important and necessary for the upstream and downstream teams which are working on the same parts, so everyone can get the best of them.

According to you, what is essential in your job?For me, it is essential to make progress in the teamwork development between the main players. A “trusted path” should be created between the burner, the arc-air operator, the grinder and the controller to optimize the cycle of the parts.

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