NDT inspector

Alexandre, almost 10 years within Manoir as a Nondestructive Test Inspector.
Alexandre is 29 years old and he joined the company in 2008. He holds several certifications as an NDT inspector in dye penetrant examination, ultrasonic test and boroscope examination. He is a NDT supervisor in the frame of a key Nuclear project.

Alexandre, tell us about how you joined the companyI was actually working for a temporary workers agency. They called me one day and told me about this job. I had no idea of what the company was doing but the job description was fitting my core competences, so I gave it a try. I was subsequently hired as the job became permanent. I somehow joined Manoir by fate more than by plan.

Is this your first assignment? Have you worked in some other places within Manoir?I started in fact as an inspector witnessing what is called the “large parts” coming out of the cleaning shop line. I was doing some visual inspection. Quite quickly I was offered to move up in the organization to the assignment I am at now.

What do you like about this job?I like a lot interacting with the clients. I am offered this opportunity as the client inspectors come and visit to see their parts. This is really what I like the most. Of course, the interactions with the other services are also quite nice, and all of those are aimed at the same goal: customer first! This is really my daily kick!
I also carry a fair bit of pride and am glad every day to say to myself” well done, you did good today!”. Some sort of a “mission accomplished” statement. You see?

But is there anything beyond this?Interestingly, there are a lot of parts that are going through my work space and all of them are of strange shapes, all as cast, and do not necessarily make sense to me regarding their upcoming application. Once, a customer showed me some pictures and drawings of a complete valve assembly where “my” cast part was integrated in a larger picture, if you like, and all the sudden, it made a lot of sense to me. I like to see where those parts that go through my hands will end up at. It gives sense to my work.

What would you say to a possible new comer to “join the band”?I’d say that if you’re motivated, organized, and have a sense for building relationships, this place is made for you.

Any comment about Manoir in general?I am genuinely bonded with the company. This is where I started, you see? I am really thankful and somehow I owe the company for having given me the chance to be part of its staff. Manoir put some trust in me in my daily work and also allowed me to evolve and get some further qualifications. Not everyone can say this. I feel recognized by the company and again, I am thankful for this.
Alexandre, thank you.

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