Nuclear Project Manager

Nuclear Project Manager

Yue Wang, 7 years within Manoir, currently as a nuclear project manager
Yue joined the company as a quality insurance manager and quickly made her way to the project manager position for the nuclear industry. She represents Manoir towards the customers and is in charge of the manufacturing schedule and the good execution of the project. Yue tells us more about her in an interview…

Yue, tell us how you joined the company?
In fact, I have a biologist background. I just replied to a recruitment add. I was hired at the beginning of 2010 as a quality assurance manager after having passed my engineer diploma and my master degree at the University of Technology of Compiegne. At that time, Manoir Industries had a financial shareholder and the 2008 crisis had left some visible scars.
From the first days, among other things, I had the mission to renew the ISO 9001 certification. Metallurgy is not my specialty, I have learned from A to Z on the job. I liked the direct and frank atmosphere. My colleagues showed me sympathy and openness, they accepted me with my strengths and weaknesses.

What then?
During my 5 years at this position, and thanks to my manager-quite demanding in this field, I discovered the complex normative environment that frames our productions. It is an asset for the company regarding its customers and suppliers. Little by little I felt attracted by the charms of other aspects of this job: coordination and communication.
In 2014, the change of our shareholder (industrial) allowed a lot of things: Human resources were strengthened, many evolving opportunities were also offered internally.
I have been project manager for two years since my return from maternity. My manager trusted me and left me the freedom to organize my job with two objectives: quality and delivery, vital factors for the company. I put forward the sense of communication and anticipations to better serve our customers.

What does it take to fill this position?
Specific objectives, missions aligned with the team’s ones, a sense of communication and internal and external contacts. Also develop a kind of projects “memory” to be more effective for the next projects. It sounds pretty easy said like this but it’s a multi-task position.

Your look today on the company?
Manoir has everything to succeed: people who love their jobs, knowledge and experience. My colleagues are more than nice. They are professional and tenacious, they often show empathy and attention. Manor provides strategic products to strategic customers. I am part of this pattern. The place of women in this company as well as people of different cultures has progressed considerably. I am proud to be part of it and will be there at the centenary. As a side note, this is where I met my husband…

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