Sebastien Lucas, 15 years for Manoir, Design technician

What exactly is your job?
There are many aspects to my work. When I receive client specifications, I draw a plan of each part that enables the foundry to make the part. I also perform the necessary calculations to ensure that the client’s requirements are met, particularly in terms of temperature and pression. Then I check that the production costs tie in with the quote. Another part of my job is supervising sub-contractors who design metallic packaging plans.

What do you like about your job?
I enjoy the technical challenge. I like to overcome the complexity of each part and provide a plan for the best solution. It is very satisfying to see the part actually being produced in the foundry and to compare the finished result with my drawing.
I also like meeting clients and I find our technical discussions interesting. Since 2011, I have had the opportunity to manage a range of projects, from drawing, through production, right up to dispatch. This has given me a wider view of our activities, which is great!

What qualities are required in my job?
Technical precision, the ability to juggle different projects simultaneously and good organization skills are all requirements of my job, along with expertise in 2D and 3D drawing software.

What would you tell a new team member?
Take notes and ask yourself the right questions. Never remain in doubt. If ever you are in doubt, search for the precisions and information that will help you to be certain.

Why choose Manoir?
I feel happy here. I always wanted to do technical drawing and when I was offered this job I accepted immediately. If the job had not evolved, and had remained 2D I would not have stayed.
I am lucky to work in an environment where people have confidence in me and give me freedom to organize my own work. I know that my work provides an important contribution to the overall process of the parts manufacture, and that makes me feel proud.

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