MASE, a new certification for Manoir Agriandre – January 2019

Manoir Agriandre, Manoir Industries’ subsidiary, is proud to announce that the MASE (Business Safety Improvement Manual) audit has been successfully completed. The site has been MASE certified for one year, and has joined the 5,000 companies dedicated to a management system that aimed to improve its health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance.

This basis for reflection allows the company to better structure its HSE approch by exploring several areas through a permanent process of continuous improvement, which is to provide the best protection to its employees. This includes managemetn commitment, competence and professional qualifications, work organisation, efficiency of the management system and continuous improvement.

Manoir Agriandre is involved in projects related to industrial sites, such as SEVESO, where the working coditions are highly regulated to preserve employees’ health and safety, while respecting the environment. It is important that a common, standardised language is employed by both the user and the compnaies involved. This certification is the only one whose regulatory character concerns interventions on SEVEVO sites, and which also benefits from the support of the French Union of the Petroleum Industries; the Professional Organisation of Risk Prevention in Building and Public Works; and the National Union of Boilermaking, Piping and Industrial Maintenance, which are areas where Manoir Agriandre intervenes regularly.

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