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Continuation of the interview with Heinz Zimmermann

In the automative segment, the industry has decided to go electric and has somehow dictated its technical choice to the politics & governments. Do you see something similar happening in the petrochemical world ? Shall we expect a drastic change (volumes, geography, technology, innovation…)?

Some products will be banned due to the ”green movement” in politics. This will be compensated by growth of a middle class in Asian countries, that will require more petrochemical products in the most important growth area. In the development of new products, the aspect of recycling plastic materials from packaging will gain more importance. PET bottles are a good example for high recycle rates, as the collection is easier than for plastic bags and other plastic material from mixed plastic waste. Geographically we will see a futher shift of the industry toward Asian markets China, India, Indonesia), which are the most important growth markets, and already show the highest number of new projects.

Technology- wise we will not see a dramatic change, as the existing technologies are well established and new developments like MTO or OCM are not yet competitive except MTO in China. But technolgies thought to be unrealistic or not probable make their way sometimes. Coatings delaying coke formation, for example, have been promoted for many years with mitigated success by various companies. This might be a breakthrough technology in the future.

How can an equipment supplier like Manoir Industries impact this change ?

Manoir can offer special solutions for improved economics for ethane and LPG cracking, with its AL containing alloys for cracking coils that improve economics for light feedstocks due to reduced coking tendency. Manoir is prepared to supply the fast-growing Asian market from its world class production facility in Yantai, China, approved by all majors in the petrochemical industry, with outstanding products produced in the area at most competitive conditions.

Manoir is offering robotic cleaning solutions for convection sections and thus help the industry to save energy and CO2 emissions substantially.

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