Manoir Industries’ emergency intervention in Turkmenistan

The Manoir AlloyServices (MAS) team from Manoir Industries has returned recently from a visit to a petrochemical plant located in Kiyanly, in the east of Turkmenistan and close to the Caspian Sea. In February 2020, following an incident at one of the ethylene furnaces, the national petrochemical company, Turkmengas, requested that MAS carry out the complete replacement of the ethylene furnace in question.

On an emergency basis, Manoir Industries delivered centrifugal tubes, and cast components produced at its Manoir Pîtres plant in France. During a period of three weeks, the MAS team, consisting of eight highly qualified welders, performed approximately 230 welds with Manoir Industries’ in-house developed materials: Manaurite® XM, XTM, and 900. The scope and the furnace environment did not allow any pre-fabrication in a workshop. All the work had to be done within the furnace box. Each weld was inspected carefully and certified by radiographic and dye penetrant inspection.

An emergency operation was conducted successfully, on schedule and to the great satisfaction of the customer, which was able to restart this furnace as planned.

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