An Air Liquide purchase order has been awarded to Manoir Industries’foundry

Air Liquide, one of the world leaders in the supply of hydrogen, placed an order with Manoir Industries to replace the tubes of two of its hydrogen furnaces located in Sicily and Portugal.
Bruno Lucas, petrochemical sales manager for Western Europe, is proud to announce its new order of these two production units.

These two orders represented 138 tubes in Manaurite┬« XMR, an alloy whose properties offer better creep resistance and a longer service life or reducing the thickness of tubes, and therefore producing them at lower temperatures, reducing the amount of CO2 used, and hence the environmental impact. These tubes have been centrifuged in the Manoir P├«tres’foundry, and a production time of several months was necessary. Delivered ready to be assembled, Manoir Industries provides in-situ cleaning solutions for convection furnaces with its TTM joint venture.

For decades, Manoir Industries has worked with Air Liquide.

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