New Evaporator Built at the Boilermaking Plant of Manoir CTI ACDN

As in 2019, Manoir CTI ACDN has manufactured a new evaporator dedicated to decontamination and the recovery of stillage (residue from the distillation of wine).

This stainless steel equipment – which is 16m long and has a weight of 40 tonnes – consists of two parts: a 2,6m diameter calender (including 1,200 pipes) and a 4m-diameter separator.

It took 12 weeks to complete, with 22 people involved, including various trades from design calculation, rolling, bending and folding. All participating welders are certified in several assembly processes, such as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding and plasma gallows. Internal cleaning operations to remove impurities and the heat insulation were achieved. This teamwork has been carried out in record time.

On 23rd September, the evaporator left Manoir CTI ACDN, which is located in Agneaux to travel to its final customer in the department of Les Charentes. This was an exceptional convoy, accompanied by policemen, a telephone company (Orange) and EDF to ensure cables were avoided. It will take several days for it to arrive at its final destination.

The realisation of this project illustrates Manoir CTI ACDN’s boilermaking expertise, including its full service to deliver a piece of equipment that is ready to be installed at the customer’s plant.

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