Manoir Pîtres’ expertise is well-known by key nuclear actors

Westinghouse ordered to Manoir Pîtres, 3 mock-ups (scale of 1) of sand cast elbows as studies for the aged elbows in place in the 900MW power plants to evaluate the mechanical properties after several years in service.

The project is split into three stages.

  • Manoir Pîtres produces two stainless steel centrifuged tubes of 6-meter long with 891-mm rough outside diameter and a 115-mm thickness in rough state.
    They will be cut after heat treatment to get three sections per tube. In parallel, three elbows of 24 degrees will be sand-casted, then moulded in AOD to be delivered fully machined or ground. A whole technical and quality assurance documentation will accompany this delivery.
  • Westinghouse’s design office in Italy will assemble them after a chamfering operation. The goal is to obtain three elbows with a section on each side. Then, they will be delivered for the aging test.
  • An aging treatment, and a ”regeneration” treatment will be performed before proceeding with a serie of tests. If the results of the tests prove the expected effect, this ”regeneration” method will be carried out on elbows which have been in service for several decades. This will avoid replacement’s operations and a dosimeter risk when dismantling the concrete from the enclosure.

At the origin of the elbows’ manufacturing, Manoir Pîtres’team has produced at least one cast component for all nuclear power plants located in France and has more than 60 references in many nuclear sites around the world.

The team is proud through this order to testify to the confidence Westinghouse has placed in Manoir Pîtres.

They trust us

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