Men, Women, Trade campaign – Industrial radiologist, an exciting job

The industrial radiography department at the Manoir Pîtres’foundry is very well equipped including 9 radiography rooms (cobalt, iridium and X-ray sources) and has a 6-9MeV linear accelerator, the most powerful in France to control cast components with up a thickness of 50-450mm dedicated to petrochemical and nuclear markets.

This is one of the largest private French parks of radiography controls taking into account the safety of people. Around fifteen people work in this department.

Nicolas, 38-years old, industrial radiologist at Manoir Pîtres for eight years, is proud of his job, which he discovered by chance during a job forum. He started a one-year professional training before taking a first certificate, the CAMARI, Certificate of Aptitude to Manipulate Industrial Radiology Equipment, which is required to practice industrial radiography and issued by the Institute of X-Ray protection and nuclear safety (IRSN). Then he continued with a second certificate – COFREND, French confederation for the non-destructive testing in radiography.

Nevertheless, nothing can be taken for granted and it is necessary to regularly update on standards and review equipment use – every five years for the CAMARI and ten years for the COFREND. ‘This job is very interesting and far from being routine through regular challenges and various controls depending on parts’commented Nicolas.

This job is accessible to everyone as long as you are rigorous, demanding, comfortable with mathematics and always aware of the risks to work safe and in accordance with procedures.

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