Jean-François Mull carried out his thesis in collaboration with Manoir Bouzonville

On December 2020, Jean-François Mull defended his doctoral thesis to prove it. Its subject was

Contribution to the dynamic behavior modeling of the production system composed of the machine and its tools during the forging phase. Application to energy driven machines: from the screw press to the counter-blow hammer‘.

The goal of forging is the mastering of the final dimensions and metallurgical requirements of the finished product. Several phenomena influence the process, including the behavior of the machine which is often neglected. A model has been proposed to describe the vibrating behavior of energy-driven machines, which include the counter-blow hammer of Manoir Bouzonville.

From this model, it is possible to quantify the energy dissipated in the machine, especially during elastic impacts, and therefore to better assess the available energy for deformation. This leads to the improvement of the quality of the digital simulation of the process in order to better anticipate and enhance the industrialization of new products.

Congratulations to Jean-François Mull who carried out his thesis in collaboration with ‘Arts et Métiers’ of Metz and Manoir Bouzonville under the supervision of Régis Bigot, Cyrille Baudouin and Camille Durand with the support of the ‘Grand Est’ region.

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