At Manoir Bouzonville, new safety heights in the closed-die workshop

In the new closed-die workshop at Manoir Bouzonville, everything has been designed to reach new safety heights at work for men and women.

Since 2019, Manoir Bouzonville is ISO 45001 certified and the plant has continued to reinvent itself in order to achieve optimal safety.

A monthly audit is done in each workshop, and for several years, safety days have been organised yearly to raise awareness and train all the team on risks in plant.

The new building integrates thermal insulation and sound proofing as well as a latest lighting technology system to guarantee safe work conditions and energy-saving solutions.

The high-performance air extraction system takes advantage of the height of the building to pull out the fumes, treat them, and recycle heat to the intake air.

Implementation of equipment has been reorganised to integrate catwalks, platforms and substructures for maintenance operations to be carried out under optimal safety conditions.

On the basis of its tragic experience, the plant opted for remote electric and hydraulic power units in dedicated and secure rooms.

The auxiliary hydraulic functions are supplied by fireproof oil while the workshop received an automatic fire detection and sprinkling extinguishing system with an additional water tank.

At last, all these new elements are complemented by a skydome system that automatically activates the roof’openings.

All these innovations are integrated in a larger project in which the safety is crucial: SAFIRE, an agile solution for an innovate and responsible forge.

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