Pascal Rehm, forging foreman for 23 years at Manoir Bouzonville

Pascal Rehm is 47 years old, a forging foreman and responsible for a team of 15 people. He has been at Manoir Bouzonville for 23 years.

Pascal is in charge of the two forging production units. The fire affected Manoir Bouzonville’s business, but Pascal was able to concentrate on the second forging installation. Nonetheless, he thinks of his colleagues who have been laid off while waiting to resume work.

He explained ‘On Thursday, 29th August 2019, we were helpless facing the fire. The following day, we dried our tears, and on the next Monday, a battle plan was set up by the management and everyone was able to have a role in the reconstruction.’

Since his arrival at Manoir Bouzonville, Pascal has mastered blackmithing techniques well, but the new forge is a fresh professional challenge for him. ‘Over the years, Manoir Bouzonville has always been able to improve the production tool, and we already had quality resources and capacities. You might think this tool was out of date, but I ‘m sure we already had some unique ways. He added proudly, ‘But, here, it is a big step forwards: a modern forge, with hydraulic presses equipped with openings between tables over 3m high, and retrofitted equipment including huge improvements.’ He said, ‘the parts will be produced with an identical process, optimal quality and data traceability.

He is proud of this forge of the future! The site was impressive during the reconstruction, both outside and inside the workshop, with some 300-tonne cranes: ‘I didn’t expect to see this at Manoir Bouzonville, with such enormous resources and in such a short time frame. Training has been put in place to deal with the new technology.’ Pascal enthused, ‘The management was a driving force, and it was able to mobilise the teams.’

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