Cynthia, our trainee at Manoir Industries

To validate her end-of-year diploma of DUT Chemistry, Cynthia aged 20 years old, completed her two-month training at Manoir Pîtres, a foundry in Normandy. The factory links with the school and regularly offers internships. Although this subject is a bit far from chemistry, her study tutor validated it with the training organisation. Cynthia is enthusiastic about this first experience in the factory.

Supervised during her training by Pierre-Emmanuel Nioche, Excellence manager, Cynthia’s mission is to produce a welding benchmark including documentation for its internal client Vincent Chaume, petrochemical welding manager and his team of welders. In the long term, this important subject will be used by the tube assembly department for the training of its team members.

To develop the different steps of its subject, a schedule was defined. She conducted interviews with welders, but also with the teams of the laboratory, the radiography and IT departments.

Autonomous, she organised points to fix or refine her goal. ”A very interesting and instructive field experience”, said Cynthia who was most satisfied. She has been able to integrate within the team and, thanks to her skills, she carried out her mission effectively, leaving a report ready to be used.

This field immersion allowed Cynthia to refine her own projects. We wish her good luck.

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