Ancienne usine Pîtres - Histoire


Over the course of a century, Manoir Industries has been built by successive acquisitions, and is at the heart of the metal-processing industry.

Though its history began in Pompey in eastern France, it was in 1917 that the first factory of the group was erected at a place called the Manoir, in Pîtres near Rouen, to produce cast components for the railways.

Since the 1950s, thanks to new investments and new orientations, Manoir Industries has positioned itself in the petrochemical market and oil and gas market, and is acquiring an international dimension. Its metallurgical expertise, and the skills it has acquired and developed during this century of history constitute the foundations of Manoir Industries’ current and future success. Its ability to innovate, and the commitment of the men and women who work for the company are the key performance factors that have been showcased throughout Manoir Industries’ history, and are a source of trust for its customers.

On 28 February 2013, the industrial group Yantai Taihai, which is the leading private nuclear player in China for cast and forged parts, acquired the Manoir Industries group. Yantai Taihai has partnered with Manoir Industries for over 20 years, and they have built a relationship based on mutual trust, allowing this rich potential transaction. The expertise of both in forging and foundry, and their complementary ranges offer synergies in the nuclear, petrochemical, oil and gas, construction and mining equipment fields. An investment programme at all sites, which has been essential for Manoir Industries, has increased the added value of finished, machined, ready-to-assemble components. By deploying its industrial resources, and accelerating its programmes for investment and for research and development, Manoir Industries has strengthened its international position and increased its ability to better support its clients’ projects.

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