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Innovation and R&D

R&D target

Developing and providing solutions for its customers with respect to improving performance, quality and reliability.

In Manoir Industries’ laboratories, metallurgical doctors, engineers and technicians perform various mission types, including:

  • Developing new technologies
  • Developing and improving production processes
  • Establishing standards

Through regular and always highly valued exchanges with its customers, Manoir Industries develops innovative technologies in partnership with major manufacturers, and fosters close connections with well-known university laboratories. This industry-research link is essential for overcoming the superficial and empirical understanding of physical phenomena, and for proposing a more rational innovation based on a rigorous scientific approach.

For the petrochemical markets, Manoir Industries works on various solutions, including using materials such as new manaurite® alloys (geometric or coating) to enable its customers to achieve better yields from their cracking, reforming and direct iron ore reduction (DRI) furnaces.




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