As a metallurgy expert, Manoir Industries broadens its offer with complementary services in metallurgical skills, design, controls, and on-site welding interventions.

Equiped with design, simulation and radiographic equipment, Manoir Industries is positioned as a company providing solutions from conception to commissioning.


Manoir Industries’ metallurgical expertise and skills, acquired and developed during its history, successfully constitute its  foundations.

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Manoir Industries is positioned as the ideal partner as a result of its technical expertise, and the development of new systems and components in foundry, delivering them raw, machined or assembled.

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Manoir Industries’ foundry and machining units have a complete range of CAD tools (CATIA, SolidWorks 3D, AutoCAD, etc.), numerical simulations (ProCAST for the foundry), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

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Each day, according to the building codes and standards (Eurocode, NFEN 13445, NFEN 13480, RCC.M, RCC.MX, CODAP, ESPN, ASME VIII, etc.), design and calculation engineers meet all customers’ requirements within a perfectly controlled project environment, as well as various design, conception, assembly and site-installation constraints.

For the petrochemical sector, a calculator is at customers’ disposal to calculate the wall thickness of the reforming tubes.

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The Pîtres plant of Manoir Industries is equipped with five radiographic rooms representing complete control mechanisms (9MeV linear accelerator – cobalt-iridium). A 150 m2 room is dedicated to iridium shootings for products, such as the primary circuit elbows of power plants.

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The alloy development of Manoir Industries’ plants requires metallurgical skills. With up-to-date technological equipment, the laboratory team supports projects and meets the most rigorous customers’ requirements.

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The supply of quality assemblies and components is the key foundation of Manoir Industries, which guarantees the reliability of its solutions and its knowledge of its manufacturing processes with respect to customers’ complex specifications.

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Manoir AlloyServices® (MAS®) provides petrochemical sector and on-site welding services worldwide.

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Manoir Industries actively participates in the certification of local welders by qualifying them on Manoir Industries’ patented materials; among others, these are the Manaurites® XM, XTM, and high or low carbon.

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12 rue des Ardennes – BP 8401 – Pîtres
27108 VAL DE REUIL Cedex
Date de création : 1917

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