Manoir AlloyServices® (MAS®) provides petrochemical sector and on-site welding services worldwide.

This large range of services includes the following:

  • Predictive metallurgical expertise
  • Supervision and maintenance
  • Custom training
  • Robotic cleaning for petrochemical-furnace tubes to guarantee maximum efficiency


Responsiveness is the key word: an advanced welding team is in the position to dispatch a crew of highly skilled welders worldwide, to bring solutions, and overcome any complex and critical situations met by our customers on new, damaged or aged materials for the following markets:

  • Reforming
  • Steam cracking
  • Direct reduction of iron (DRI)

The processes used in welding are either gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) or gas metal arc welding (GMAW), or a combination of both, depending on the practices and specific situations, which are determined with the customers. Each welding operation is 100% carefully inspected, and certified using x-ray and ultrasonic controls, and by dye-penetrant testing.

With an international team of highly qualified and experienced welders, Manoir Industries operates 24/7 worldwide and can be on site within 48 hours, visa permitting.

MAS® operates on site to clean petrochemical-furnace tubes, thanks to its joint venture named TubeTech Manoir (TTM), which is mainly owned by Manoir Industries. This revolutionary technique offers a nearly 100% robotic cleaning of cold convection modules, no matter how dirty the surface is. Hence, the operational performance of the furnace and its efficiency are improved.

Manoir Industries provides technical assistance as a result of its expertise in the DRI market in various areas, such as the following:

  • Tube performance, through operational evaluation
  • Tube monitoring and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections
  • Shutdown and start up of installations
  • Solutions delivery
  • On-site intervention of welders and welding supervision


For the sheet-metal activities, the plants provide presentations on welding, services, turnkey realisation and on-site intervention. Furthermore, the following is also provided:

  • Mounting at all sites and in ionising environments (CEFRI certification) by Manoir ACPP
  • Manoir Agriandre is positioned to participate in all projects for new work; the preventive and curative maintenance of sensitive devices, where quality and safety are required; and, in particular, on Seveso classified sites.
  • Intervention sur site
  • Intervention sur site
  • Intervention site Robot
  • Intervention site Robot


Manoir Industries’ metallurgical expertise and skills, acquired and developed during its history, successfully constitute the foundations of the group.

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Manoir Industries is positioned as the ideal partner as a result of its technical expertise, and the development of new systems and components in foundry, forging or boilermaking, delivering them raw, machined or assembled.

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Manoir Industries’ foundry, forging, machining and boilermaking units have a complete range of CAD tools (CATIA, SolidWorks 3D, AutoCAD, etc.), numerical simulations (ProCAST for the foundry and FORGE® for the forging), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

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Each day, according to the building codes and standards (Eurocode, NFEN 13445, NFEN 13480, RCC.M, RCC.MX, CODAP, ESPN, ASME VIII, etc.) …

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The Pîtres plant of Manoir Industries is equipped with five radiographic rooms representing complete control mechanisms (9MeV linear accelerator – cobalt-iridium). A 150 m2 room is dedicated to iridium shootings for products, such as the primary circuit elbows of power plants.

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The alloy development of Manoir Industries’ plants requires metallurgical skills. With up-to-date technological equipment, the laboratory team supports projects and meets the most rigorous customers’ requirements.

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The supply of quality assemblies and components is the key foundation of the Manoir Industries’ group, which guarantees the reliability of its solutions and its knowledge of its manufacturing processes with respect to customers’ complex specifications.

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All our factories offer assembly services for various alloy components in order to deliver ready-to-use products.

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Manoir Industries actively participates in the certification of local welders by qualifying them on Manoir Industries’ patented materials; among others, these are the Manaurites® XM, XTM, and high or low carbon.

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Manoir Industries Agriandre - Conches en Ouche


Manoir Agriandre – Conches-en-Ouche's plant

Conches en Ouche
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Manoir Industries ACPP - Usine de Beaumont-Hague

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Manoir ACPP – Beaumont-Hague's plant

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