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Since its creation, Manoir Industries’ success and development have been based on two essential assets: its people and its know-how.

The employees’ commitment and skills are the key power on which the Manoir Industries Group has progressed while consolidating its positions in its current markets. Manoir Industries’ supports the continuous skill improvement of its employees through the consolidation and transmission of the latest skills and techniques; its employees’ constantly expanding improvement is the foundation of this people-oriented company.

With over 150 different professions, Manoir Industries aims to promote age diversity, career development, culture and know-how, to make these major performance aspects.

Manoir Industries’ human-resource strategy aims to support managers and employees to actively contribute to the Group’s growth and diversification objectives.

This strategy is organised around two axes, as follows.

Recruitment and integration policy:

  • To support its development and to build the best ‘alloy’ of talents, Manoir Industries keeps working to constitute teams that mix experienced people and young collaborators. To make this possible, recruitment is based on a partnership policy with schools and training centres to integrate young people of all levels of education. They also take advantage of a tested practice-based learning model in which theory and practice alternate.
  • An integrated course is offered to each new collaborator; it is built to give a meaningful, rapid and effective start to work, including preparation for the working environment, meeting with the main interlocutors, training and safety-measure awareness, a medical examination, meeting with human resources, etc.

Development policy, training and career development:

  • In terms of skills and talent management, Manoir Industries ensures that every employee benefits, throughout his/her career, from the most appropriate training to acquire, develop and improve his/her skills, both for the job and his/her evolution. This includes internal and external training, alternating training, collective/individual training, VAE, CPF, etc.
  • Beyond the training, Manoir Industries encourages and values expertise, giving responsibility and autonomy to the most committed and successful employees. Career committees each year facilitate the review of all the staff to detect potential, consider mobility and prepare succession plans.
  • On an individual level, each employee benefits from a follow-up meeting through annual and professional interviews.


There are four values that drive Manoir Industries’ ambition and inspire its teams


Manoir Industries is proud to always be ahead of the game with respect to the techniques for developing and delivering effective and tailored solutions to its customers around the world, and to maintain market leadership.


It is the desire of all teams at Manoir Industries to bring together all the specific talents of the team members so as to work together in an inter-cultural environment, guarantee the best results to its customers and to share their metallurgical passion.


It is Manoir Industries’ responsibility to provide quality products by being attentive to its customers, and by meeting its commitments in terms of time and service. This provision of excellence to better satisfy its customers is the job of its operational management teams.


Trust is a source of success and is built on a lasting relationship. It is on this basis that Manoir Industries works with its employees in compliance with safety standards.


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