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Over the years, Manoir Industries has expanded its businesses. From its mastery of foundry technology, its portfolio today includes forging, boiler-making, hot extrusion and alloy development, and soon will also encompass powder metallurgy. These areas of expertise, spread over numerous industrial sites, are complemented by the capacity of its shareholder, the Yantai Taihai Group, located in China.

In 2017, Manoir Industries provided more added value to its customers, particularly for the nuclear and petrochemical markets, with the integration of all this know-how into a global offering called Manoir Global Solutions. The first step is to transform the group from a parts’ producer to an integrated partner, providing all aspects from the design to the maintenance of manufactured components.

To do this, and to meet the specificities of the global and high-technology markets related to nuclear power and petrochemicals, Manoir offers a unique range of advantages to its customers:

  • Industrial-site implementation in many countries.
  • The mastery of (almost) all metal-processing methods.
  • A range encompassing the smallest to the largest components in (almost) all metallurgies.
  • A global network of industrial and sales partners.
  • R&D and design capacities used together to define the best solution.
  • Unique access to the Chinese market and key spotting in the nuclear industry.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting services throughout a product’s lifetime.
  • Centralised project management, which is ideal for large projects involving many sites and/or partners.
  • Mastery of all international nuclear regulations.

Manoir Global Solutions offers a unique entry point for its clients to take advantage of all the added value that the group can bring to them.

In the petrochemicals sector, in addition to its 100-year-old site at Pîtres providing the latest innovations in centrifuged tubes, Manoir Industries has built and has qualified the largest and most-competitive plant in the world, which is in Yantai, China. In this product range, collectors, transfer lines and other large components produced with a unique technology are manufactured at the UK Manoir plant. Manoir Agriandre and the development of Manoir AlloyServices® support our customers in all their boiler-making, piping, and on-site installation and repair projects, with a high degree of responsiveness, anywhere in the world. This has recently been enhanced by the constitution of a joint venture with Tube Tech International, named TTM, which provides a unique, worldwide service of robotic cleaning for the critical components of petrochemical plants and refineries (convection, exchangers, Texas Towers, etc.). This leads to a very significant improvement in the performance of the products Manoir installs. To help its customers to optimise the operation and durability of their steam-reforming and steam-cracking units, its team of metallurgical experts travels all over the world to assist in the diagnosis and decision-making process during preventive or curative operational maintenance.

Discover our Manoir Global Solutions brochure dedicated to the petrochemicals sector.

For more than 40 years in the nuclear sector, Manoir Industries has continuously produced the primary circuit (elbows, U-pipes, etc.) of second-generation nuclear power plants. It now offers its customers all the critical moulded parts (pump casings, valve bodies, wheels, etc.) necessary to the key components of the nuclear power plants, from its facilities at Pîtres, France, and from those of its shareholder in China. The open-die-forging and closed-die-forging capacities of its Bouzonville and Yantai Taihai plants provide a world-leading range of forgings, from a few kilogrammes to over 150 tonnes. All of these components can now be assembled and integrated with the boiler-making and piping of Manoir ACPP, a designer and key manufacturer of boiler assemblies for the nuclear-fuel cycle, reprocessing and research markets. Manoir’s conception and R&D capacities in its various business lines help its clients to design, test and develop their products, including services with on-site intervention for expertise or repairs.

Discover our Manoir Global Solutions brochure dedicated to the nuclear market.

Yantai Taihai Group’s position in China fosters Manoir Global Solutions offering its partners unique opportunities related to the China’s nuclear programme, particularly in the small modular reactors (SMR) sector, of which Yantai Tahai is already a key player.

Manoir Global Solutions supports its customers in all their projects worldwide.

Discover the Manoir Global Nuclear Solutions leaflet.


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