• Quality at the Closed-die Workshop of Manoir Bouzonville

    20 April 2021
    At Manoir Bouzonville’s closed-die workshop, we shape steel and alloys for the past 70 years. If safety is definitely our first value, quality comes just right after it. Our highly skilled engineering and production teams have taken advantage of their several years of experience to bring a high level quality of…
  • At Manoir Bouzonville, new safety heights in the closed-die workshop

    18 March 2021
    In the new closed-die workshop at Manoir Bouzonville, everything has been designed to reach new safety heights at work for men and women. Since 2019, Manoir Bouzonville is ISO 45001 certified and the plant has continued to…
  • Manaurite® XAl4 developped by Manoir Industries, is sold all around the world

    4 March 2021
    Manaurite® XAl4 is sold all around the world. 26 different locations decided to upgrade their metallurgy with Manoir Industries’ alumina-forming alloy. Furnaces are running for several years now and all clients are reporting lower pressure drop, lower TMT and tremendous run length extension compared to standard chromia-forming metallurgies. These unmatched…


  • Manoir Gears® will participate at Aeromart 2020

    22 September 2020
    For over 55 years, Manoir Gears® have produced, complex gear cutting, rectification and machining for various markets and provides its customers with turnkey gears, operations subcontracting and new development supports. Its high robot automations achieve complete operations to manufacture fully supplied gears within short deadlines, from cutting, grinding, turning…
  • Manoir Industries in Amsterdam for the European Ethylene Producers Conference Workshop

    16 April 2020
    Since 1998, the European Ethylene Producers Conference (EEPC) has been organising a yearly three-day conference whose purpose is to provide a platform for the exchange of non-confidential information relating to the health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues encountered in the production and handling of ethylene. From 2011, EEPC has…

    28 January 2020
    From 17th to 20th February 2020, Manoir Industries will exhibit at the 13th Sabic Conference 2020 in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed great advances in the petrochemical sector during the last decade, which has driven the national economy and advanced the country’s presence in the…


  • Chloé Antoine, 35-years old, Quality Manager at Manoir Bouzonville for 5 years

    25 May 2021
    Chloé Antoine, 35 years- old, is Quality Manager at Manoir Bouzonville for 5 years. During the fire, she was at the Manoir Bouzonville plant. Chloé as many others was very shocked, ”it was apocalyptic” she said ”because the forge is the heart of…
  • Pascal Rehm, forging foreman for 23 years at Manoir Bouzonville

    25 March 2021
    Pascal Rehm is 47 years old, a forging foreman and responsible for a team of 15 people. He has been at Manoir Bouzonville for 23 years. Pascal is in charge of the two forging production units. The fire affected Manoir Bouzonville’s business, but Pascal…
  • Men, Women, Trade campaign – Industrial radiologist, an exciting job

    26 January 2021
    The industrial radiography department at the Manoir Pîtres’foundry is very well equipped including 9 radiography rooms (cobalt, iridium and X-ray sources) and has a 6-9MeV linear accelerator, the most powerful in France to control cast components with up a thickness of 50-450mm…