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Manoir Industries occupies a key international metal-processing position for various components, bringing together many in-house manufacturing processes.

In the foundry (for horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting, and sand casting), Manoir Industries brings solutions, starting from the design, to provide varied and complex products of different morphologies, which are machined, welded, assembled and ready for installation.

Centrifuged products

In the foundry, Manoir Industries’ products are manufactured using a centrifugal process. This technique makes it possible to obtain perfectly homogeneous products with high-quality mechanical characteristics, which can be subjected to extreme temperatures, and are even more resistant to wear and corrosion. Manoir Industries has been developing its own alloys, and has been mastering this manufacturing process for many years for the petrochemical sector, dedicated to the reforming, steam cracking and direct reduction of iron (DRI) markets. Manoir Industries is able to provide the following: Assembled tubes, obtained by centrifugation, in Manaurite® XMR, which is the latest alloy developed for this...
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Produits moulés - supports tube

Cast products

The cast products manufactured by Manoir Industries, using metal processes, are made to reproduce, after cooling, a geometry with a metallographic structure that meets its customers'requirements. This manufacturing process is used for the petrochemical, nuclear, hydraulic, steel, defence and industrial markets. The products created include the following: Accessories for large-capacity steam-cracking and reforming furnaces, and related components for the cracking furnaces for olefin production; Nuclear cast components for primary and secondary circuits. At least one cast component has been installed in all French nuclear power plants, but they have also been installed around the world, including in China, Belgium, the United...
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